Mission and quality

We devise solutions tailored to customer expectations

For over 25 years we have been exercising utmost care to make ZET Transport a brand which stands for the highest quality in the TSL sector. In this we are helped by operational consistency, continuous improvement of our skills, efficient organisation of work, constant development of the fleet, and investments in the latest technologies

We always look ahead, searching for new prospects of market expansion and meeting the expectations of our business partners. Our primary goal, achieved through constant development, is to satisfy the needs of our customers and, in consequence, to build lasting business relations with them on the foundation of mutual trust and understanding. Achieved to the highest standards, these goals give us true satisfaction and serve as a basis for a joint success!

Working on a management strategy for the years to come, we always focus on such an approach that will promote a sustainable and multi-directional development of our company, with top-class quality delivered as a result. The high operational standards along with know-how and wide experience make us a logistics partner that you can trust.

For years, we have been pursuing the road of continuous development

The highest standard of our activities and development is confirmed by the certificates we were awarded.

ISO 9001:2015

In July 2003, we implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and in December of that year we were awarded a certificate for the provision of transport, shipment, logistics, loading/unloading services, and the transport of goods in Europe and Asia.
As our work is subject to annual verification by an external auditor, we have held the ISO 9001 certificate, currently in its 9001:2015 revision, for more than 15 years now.

AEO certificate

The next step in the strengthening of our quality management system and building of the company’s organisational culture was the devising and implementation of the AEO procedures. The AEO certificate, awarded in the European Community and known in Poland as Certyfikat Upoważnionego Przedsiębiorcy (Authorised Economic Operator), is aimed at improving trade security. At the same time, it lends credence to the company within the entire Community as regards customs operations.