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ZET Group

Operating on an all-round basis
We offer additional TSL services which not only save you time, but also reduce the stress factor usually associated with the shipment of goods.


Our own customs agency

ZET Transport Agencja Celna (Customs Agency), with branches in Nowy Sącz and Racibórz, was launched in 2004. The Agency offers a comprehensive and reliable service package, including assistance in the preparation of customs-clearance documents, the Common Transit Procedure, customs declarations, customs consultancy, and the securing of customs and tax payments.

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Pallet and packaging manufacturing

The carpenter’s workshop was inspired by our need to have a product of the highest quality. As we were less than satisfied with cooperation with the suppliers of finished materials for our packaging production, the idea for a workshop came about. And so, since 2011, our staff have not only been working on packaging, but pallets as well, all tailored to customer needs. e-mail:

Packaging and transhipment services

We have our own carpenter’s workshop. We manufacture packaging products and pallets according to customers’ individual requirements and provide transhipment services..

Internal transport services

We offer in-house transportation services provided on the premises of our long-standing customers.