About us

How did it all started?

ZET Transport is a family company dating back to 1993 and the sole proprietorship business of Józef Załubski Sr. Earlier, for a decade, he had been providing transport services on his own (mainly for construction materials), and it was not until 1993 when he, together with his two sons, launched a company styled “ZET Transport spółka cywilna Józef, Jan, Józef jr Załubscy”.

Over the 30 years, by continuous developing, expanding our know-how and skills, and observing and responding to market needs, our company has secured an established position on the market. Always looking to the future, we set ambitious goals for ourselves and keep on putting them into action.

Chronicale 1993-2013

Chronicale 1993-2023

How has our company evolved over the years?


Józef Senior, Józef Junior, and Jan Załubski establish the “ZET Transport spółka cywilna Józef, Jan, Józef jr Załubscy” company with its headquarters in Żbikowice. The business starts with two truck tractors and four employees


the first contract for the provision of container transport services in Ukraine – transport of accessories for clothing manufacturing


a small office space (25 sq. m.) is rented in Nowy Sącz for two employees


the launching of a service station, the Truck Partner company, and the International Truck&Trailer Company sp. z o.o. which sells new and second-hand transport equipment


the range of services is expanded to include the loading of goods and materials, and the unloading of containers, as a follow-up to the contract signed with SGL Carbon, a multinational concern


SOFTRANS, a proprietary ERP-class computer system is created; the system is still used and developed to match the company’s evolving needs


implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, currently 9001:2015


the company’s own customs agency is launched – ZET Transport Agencja Celna – with offices in Nowy Sącz and Racibórz, to provide comprehensive customs clearance services


new services are added to the portfolio: the delivery of wooden packages and packaging of goods


the company’s own carpenter’s workshop is opened to manufacture packaging products and pallets


the company receives the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate awarded to businesses within the European Community to assure the common objective of supply chain security and fight against terrorism


the first BDF vehicles are purchased; the swap bodies division is expanded


the company’s receives the status of registered agent and adds the road transport of air freight shipments to its service portfolio


launching Overseas team offering sea, air and rail services


introduction of warehousing services in newly built high storage hall in Domasław / area of Wrocław


constant progress through the diversification of activities, and the development of staff, technologies and work organisation.

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