High Storage Warehouse

We are a logistics company with many years of experience and a solid position in the market. Carefully observing the latest market trends, we have noticed a growing demand not only for logistics services, but also for warehouse space. In response, we have offered customers the opportunity to store goods in a modern high-storage warehouse. Our warehouse, with an area of 2000 m2 and a usable height of 10 m, allows for the storage of diverse goods in significant quantities, including those of unusual sizes and dimensions. We provide comprehensive and customised service that best suits the requirements of our clients.

The key advantages of our high-storage warehouse:

  • Efficient use of available space thanks to the use of high racks allowing for storage of goods of various sizes at different levels;
  • Minimization of warehousing costs;
  • Tracking and control of inventory in real-time through the use of Warehouse Management System (WMS);
  • Automation of cargo flow in the warehouse and significant reduction of order processing time.

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